CS Qualifying Exam

Sample Exams​:  CS 220  CS 260​  CS 240.pdfCS 240

The qualifying exam consists of three (3) written subject The Ph.D. qualification examination is a written subject examination in the following three (3) courses: CS260 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms), CS240 (Computer Systems and Concurrency), CS220 (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics).

The qualifying examination is given twice a year, during the final examinations of the Fall and Spring semesters,​ respectively.

The Ph.D. qualification examination will be the Final Examination of each of the above courses given during the Fall semester. It will also be a three (3) hours examination per subject (similar to the Fall semester) prepared by the faculty during the Spring semester. The qualification examination will be consistent Therefore, it will span over two (2) days during the Spring semester. M.S. students who pass the three (3) examinations (in the same semester) are also considered to have passed the Ph.D. qualification examination.

  • Three (3) Passes a straight Pass.

  • Three (3) or Two (2) Fails a straight Fail.

  • Two (2) Passes and One (1) Fail require a decision by a committee.

Students who fail must retake the entire examination during the final examination period of the next semester when the qualifying examinations are offered for their second and final chance. If they fail the second attempt, they will not be permitted to continue their Ph.D. program. No partial pass is permitted. Students who fail the examination must retake the three (3) subject examinations even if they previously passed a part of them. No subject waving or change is permitted.​